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Phototalk • ervaring met Luminar?
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ervaring met Luminar?

Geplaatst: zo 24 jun 2018, 18:54
door ManManMan
Heeft er iemand al ervaring met Luminar als alternatief voor LR of PS?
Een kennis raadt het aan maar ik twijfel toch. Graag uw mening als ge het kent.

Re: ervaring met Luminar?

Geplaatst: wo 27 jun 2018, 20:17
door Douwe Struiksma
Ik werk al een tijdje met Luminar en het gelieerde Aurora HDR. Ik gebruik de progs nu als plugin in Lr en Ps en dat werkt prima (intuïtief, gemakkelijk en overzichtelijk). Een mooie steun daarbij zijn de videotutorials. Een volledige overstap naar Lumniar zit er - voor mij iig - voorlopig niet in: de Bieb in Lr is voor mij essentieel. Komt Skylum (de maker van Luminar) met een echt alternatief, dan ga ik er eerst eens goed over nadenken. Zeer de moeite waard om er in te verdiepen en mee aan de slag te gaan :).

Re: ervaring met Luminar?

Geplaatst: di 04 sep 2018, 13:46
door mrenard
Ik werk ook met luminar en LR maar gebruik het programma ook als plugin. Net zo als NIK software. Ik zou niet overstappen omdat ik LR inzichtelijker vind dan Luminar. Daarnaast heeft luminar geen bibliotheek functie en het werken hiermee in LR is een groot voordeel.

Re: ervaring met Luminar?

Geplaatst: di 11 sep 2018, 14:38
door Koen Van de moortel
Ik heb het een tijdje geleden uitgetest en ik was er niet echt tevreden over. Zeker nog geen waardige vervanger voor Lightroom!
Dit is wat ik toen elders op een forum postte:

My remarks after playing with Luminar (Windows version) for a couple of hours (jan. 16, 2018):

I don't see any button to simply rotate an image from portrait to landscape or to flip it horizontally or vertically. (I couldn't find it in the manual either.)  This is the most obvious first thing to do with any image, so how can this be missing?

When I select B&W filter, the image is already immediately put in monochrome, which is weird! I would like to put this operation in my "Filters Preset", but I don't want it to be applied immediately before I do the first raw development.

I see many "hieroglyphs" on my screen. In any program, it should be obligatory to show some explanation about it when you hover above it with your mouse. I absolutely hate it when I see some obscure pictogram and I have no idea what it stands for. The only way to find out is to click on it and then to see that this was not what I wanted to do, hence a waste of time...

There seems to be no database of lenses allowing a quick and correct distortion and vignette correction. Doing this manually is quity clumsy, time consuming and inaccurate.

I don't see presets for the color temperature, like "cloudy", "sunny", "flash", etc. An experienced user may know the correct temperature settings for the slider, but a beginner will not. And most of all missing is the "pipette" to adjust the white balance by clicking on a neutral grey part of the picture! This is very crucial to get accurate colors, for example for reproductions of paintings!

When I select the "RAW develop", "B&W conversion" and "Clarity" filters, I get 3 "clarity" sliders that seem to be independent from each other although they seem to do the same thing. This is VERY confusing! The same thing happens when I select the "Color temperature" filter: e.g. I can set this to 7000 while the same slider on the "RAW develop" panel is set to 4000, huh???

When I hover my mouse over a photo, I obviously want to see the RGB value for every pixel, for example to see if the skin tones are not too dark or too bright! This is one of the most elementary features in any image processing software (even Microsoft Paint has it), and I can't understand why it is missing!

When I click "export" to JPG, it wants to save the picture in the last opened directory. There seems to be no way to set the directory to the same as the raw file, or a specific subdirectory of that. It also wants to save the processed image with the same name as the original, which is dangerous. There should be an option to rename it automatically, e.g. adding -1, -2,... etc. like in Lightroom. When I click "Browse" to change the directory, it wants to give the exported file the same name as the raw file (CR2), while the selector below the name says "Save as: JPG"... Very confusing! If I want to save the changes made on the raw file, I have to enter a name for the ".lmnr" file manually each time! Very clumsy!

Above the histogram, I see the ISO, the focal distance and the aperture. But how can I get all the other exif data??? How can I enter keywords or a rating?

I also see no way to quickly walk through my images on full screen (like using the F key in Lightroom) and then decide which one I want to process.

So... although Luminar 2018 seems to have some nice features, it doesn't look like a "ripened" software program to me, and there is still a lot of work to do before it can compete with Lightroom...